Messiah is a Christian Church committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and serving its community. We are a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

What does Evangelical Mean?

It means that we are a community, which tells the world of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We try to show through Word and deed that God cares for our world, and that all peoples of all nations are God’s Children. 

What does Lutheran Mean?

The German theologian Martin Luther started a reform movement of the Roman Catholic Church. The Lutheran Church today considers itself a reforming movement within the universal church of Jesus Christ. We believe that salvation is not bought or sold by organized religion, rather it is given to us as a gift by God the Father through the sending of God’s Son Jesus. Through the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit, we strive to live by grace alone, faith alone and scripture alone. We celebrate the two Sacraments given to the church by Jesus: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. At Messiah Communion is celebrated weekly on Sundays at 8:45AM and twice monthly at our 10:45 AM service. Starting November 29, 2015 Communion will be celebrated at the 10:45 AM service weekly as well.  People of all ages are baptized at Messiah. 

Our Ministers

The members of Messiah Lutheran Church. As Lutherans we confess that all are called to discipleship not only those who are called to serve offices of the church.

Our Congregational Community: Small Group Ministry

Messiah offers people the opportunity to experience the love of God through meaningful relationships through its cell team ministry. We offer small group gatherings that meet in a members homes where people can meet friends, come closer to God, learn about God’s will for their life, and find meaningful service to others. These groups are for all who need to find some understanding friends and a more meaningful relationship to God.

Our Wider Community Outreach

We participate in the Oakland Franklin Lakes Interfaith Council, Oakland meals on wheels, St. Paul’s Community development Corp. of Paterson, and contribute generously to church wide and local charities. We regularly engage in short term mission projects and ministries. We are the sponsoring organization of Boy Scout Troop 369 and host Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on Sunday and Tuesday evenings at 8pm and Al-Anon meetings on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

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