Vegetable Garden

Messiah Lutheran Church is Growing More than Faith

Looking around the grounds of Messiah Lutheran Church you see many types of trees that were lovingly planted over the years, some in memory of loved ones.  But unless, you drive into the parking lot and to the entrance of the church you may miss the new vegetable garden.  Set neatly against the brick, contemporary, Hassinger design church is a beautiful vegetable garden that was built six years ago as an eagle scout project.  The vegetable garden is tended to by the members of Messiah and the produce is then brought to the Center for Food Action in Mahwah 1-2 times a week. The vision of the Garden started with Pastor Julie Haspel who has been at Messiah for just over a year now.  She had seen the benefit of a vegetable garden at her last church in Massachusetts.  “A little thing like seeing peoples faces light up when we brought the fresh vegetables into the local soup kitchen made it all worth while. Giving staples is very important but when you give someone fresh vegetables it is something special”.


As of September 2017 we have picked almost 300 pounds of vegetable.  Messiah is keeping it simple this year, growing bush beans, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Next year we hope to plant an early spring crop in addition to the summer crop.

The Garden’s bounty and beauty continue to astound those who see it.  Watching it grow from nothing into a store of nutrition and health for those who have fallen on hard times is like seeing a miracle every day.

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