Pastor’s October Message

Reformation 500

The time has come.  For the past year, we have studied the Small Catechism with Dr. Tim Wengert. and used the Small Catechism as the basis of our Lenten worship.  We have studied the 95 Theses and why Luther wrote them.  We watched Rick Steves’, “Luther and the Reformation” special and invited other congregations in Oakland.  All of these activities, and a few more to come, remind us that God is the center of our faith, our worship, and our very being.  This is most certainly true!


As we move forward into the next 500 years, we pray that we remain a Reforming Church, one that seeks to better understand God and God’s love for all of us.  This message will never change and yet how we understand and live this truth will change.  It will continue to speak to us in new and exciting ways.


Personally, I am excited for the next 500 years although we certainly will not be around for all of it.  I pray that future generations will learn from our experience and our desire to remain faithful.

Soli Deo Gloria

To God alone be the Glory!


Pastor Julie

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