Pastor Julie’s Summer Message

Pentecost – the Season of Growth

As I sit to write this note, I can look out my window and see Summer in bloom.  It’s not quite full bloom, but the warm weather and the rains have certainly done their part to make the earth lush and green.  So much of this change has taken place without our being aware.  The seeds and plants have been dormant over the winter and almost like magic, they spring forth.

Anyone who knows anything about plants and gardens knows that it isn’t magic that brings forth a garden, it’s planning, toil, and work.  This is how I see these summer months at Messiah.  It may look like we’re in cruise control for ministry, but there is a great deal of planning and preparation for this coming fall.

As you may know, this fall will be joyous as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on Sunday, October 29th.  To help us prepare, we will have a special viewing of the newest Luther movie that was recently released.  That showing will take place at Messiah on October 11.

As we move ahead with our preparations, we will continue to be the church celebrating the Blessing of the Back Packs, Rally Day, an evening of Stewardship with Pastor Scott Schantzenbach, the startup of our new Book Club, a Pet Blessing, a visit from Pastor Kimberly Vaughn, Assistant to the Bishop, watching Rick Steve’s Christmas in Germany DVD, while working on sending our Youth to Houston next June!  All of this will take place before Advent.

Indeed the Spirit is working in and through us.  We are certainly blessed!

Pastor Julie

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