Pastor Julie’s March Message

With Awe and Love

             The theme for our Mid-week Lenten Series is “With Awe and Love.”  In celebration of Luther 500, we will explore Luther’s Small Catechism.  Luther wrote the Small Catechism as a family resource for parents to teach the faith to their children at home.  The Small Catechism includes a simple explanation of the Ten Commandments, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments.  Luther also included scripture readings and prayers to serve as a family service that included teachings on the faith.

We will gather as a family every Wednesday night in Lent, starting on March 8 (except March 29, see below).  We will share supper at 6:15 and begin worship at 7:30.  I hope you will join us as we explore the basics of our faith as we continue through this 500th Anniversary year.

As a special event, we will view Rick Steve’s video on Martin Luther’s Reformation on March 29 in lieu of the service.  We plan to invite local churches to hear how the reformation movement grew.  We will start at 7:00pm.  Please plan to attend!

Since its earliest days, the season of Lent has been a time of education in the fundamentals of the faith.  Often times, there would be baptisms at the Easter Vigil.  Lent was seen as a time of preparation for Baptism.  Martin Luther encouraged preaching on the catechism to strengthen faith and community in faith.

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