Pastor Julie’s September Message



Hawaii is an absolutely beautiful place.  I can only specifically speak about Kaua’i as that is the only island that I have visited, but it was stunning.  Every place that we went had breathtaking views.  I am not joking!  Even as we drove up to the hospital in Kap’a, we were amazed by the scenic overlook.  I suppose if you are injured and need a hospital with a view, Hawaii is the place for you.

The entire island captured a place in my heart and brought such a sense of peace and connection.  You never forget that you are connected to the land.  Mountains rise up and dive down into the sea.  There is never a lack of foliage – beautiful plants that I couldn’t identify but could only enjoy.  And there were roosters, plenty of roosters!

I truly appreciated that sense of connection to the land.  Often it is lost on us as we rush headlong back into the routines of fall and winter, of work and school.  Our connections seem to be pushed off to the side, making us feel wistful at times.

Nane’a. It was the name of the restaurant at our hotel in Kaua’i.  We were told that Nane’a means a sense of peacefulness and wholeness.

Peace.  Wholeness.  Often, this is what our summertime get-aways give us.  However, I don’t believe that is the only place that we receive peace and wholeness.  Can not our ministry together bring us a sense of peace and wholeness?  Christ is the center of our work and gatherings.

I don’t believe that we could be more connected than this community. It is a gift to have so many wonderful connections.  There is a sense of belonging that does bring peace and allows us to continue to reach out.

I look forward to seeing you this September!  We have much to accomplish ahead of us.  May we find peace, wholeness and connection in our ministry ahead.


Pastor Julie

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