Pastor Julie’s Message for the Summer

Ordinary Time

We have entered into the long season of Pentecost.  It’s also known as Ordinary Time.  There are no major or lesser festivals that fall on Sunday this year, so we are simply to be about the business of being the Church and everything that it entails.

Lest you begin to think that this is a time to take it easy, the opposite is true.  Certainly, we take the time for rest and re-creation, we also tend to the needs of the church so that we are ready for the fruits of our labor come this fall.  Sunday School will start up again with a whole host of other activities and ministry programs.  The work and ministry of the Church is ongoing.

To help us live into ministry engagement.  The Church Council is visioning a new process for “Committee Work” around the Church.  Instead of gathering once a month on a Wednesday evening, we are going to hold discussion groups on Sunday mornings between the services.  We hope to engage people in an informal setting to share what’s going on in and around the church.  We are hopeful that this will help facilitate communication within the church and also be able to invite people into ministry areas that they have a passion for.

The Church Council will work on when we will schedule these meetings and we are looking forward to trying a new way to join together and be the Church.  Please speak to a Council member if you have any questions regarding where you might like to focus your attention.


Pastor Julie

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