Pastor Julie’s Message for February

The Lenten Journey

 Our Lenten Journey begins early this year with Ash Wednesday on February 10.  We will have barely cleaned up from Super Bowl festivities and we will be set on a path from death to life: a true movement from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Have you ever thought about our Lenten Journey as a movement from death to life?  It truly is.  On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded of our mortality with the somber words, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”  But the mark of the ash is not a shapeless form.  The Ash smudge is a cross, reminding us that our entire existence is in God’s hands.  We see this movement from death to life in the earth around us.  We move from stark earth to tender greens, to buds that will blossom when the time is right.  Even the days are getting longer as we move to the time of rebirth.

Join us in the journey this Lent.  Let us mark the time together, witness the mystery together, and celebrate new life in our midst.  To help prepare us, I share this poem by Susan Palo Cherwien:



Whether we want it or not

life in space and time sweeps us along on a journey

Time is in motion

Space is in motion

We live on a turning planet circling a star

and the star with all its companions moves through space

in one spiral arm of a large galaxy

which is moving in a circular journey through space and time.

We are on a journey of becoming

Whether we want to be or not.

The church year, most especially in Lent,

is an opportunity to do this consciously

to participate consciously in becoming

in transforming rather than just being

swept unwillingly



When we follow Christ into Lent

we turn onto a path into wilderness

where we may encounter hard rocky places


and thirst

but that will lead us out into the gold

of the Easter dawn.



Pastor Julie

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