Pastor Julie’s December Message

“It Was Delicious”
On All Saints’ Sunday, we welcomed Lily Pazereckis and Christopher Wild to the Lord’s Table to receive Holy Communion. I truly enjoyed spending time with both of them as we met together to prepare and try to understand this unique gift that was given by Christ. After the wonderful celebration of worship, I had a chance to speak with Christopher to ask him what he ‘thought’ about Communion. His response struck me. He licked his lips and declared, “It was delicious.”
What an amazing answer! The truth of his statement was so stark and beautiful that I have been sharing his words everywhere I go. And so I feel as if I must continue to ask this question, perhaps with better words, “What does Communion mean to you?”
For Martin Luther, he believed in the real presence of Jesus in Holy Communion. Through the Word, Christ is present in, with, and under the bread and the wine. As Luther stated, “Holy Communion is not merely a reminder that Christ at one time died for us, but the sacrament itself is the forgiveness of sins.” Holy Communion is the embodiment of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ. But again, I must ask the question, “What does this mean to us or for us?”
It seems wholly appropriate that Messiah Lutheran will move to weekly Communion at Sunday services this Advent. In the season where we wait for the Lord, we also understand that Christ is present with us. It is a season of the now and not yet, which is a place that we can only approach with wonderment. Advent is an annual time to consider God’s coming in every way and time possible. God comes to us in meal, in Word, as light, and our community gathered, as a complete surprise after a long wait.
This season, I invite you into the joy of Christ’s presence in much the same way that Christopher expressed it following his first Communion. I ask you to explore what this gift means to you and for your life. In our pondering, may we see that indeed, “It is delicious.”
Come, Lord Jesus.
Pastor Julie

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